Letters to the Editor:

Trump can’t measure up

Wed, Dec 6, 2017 (2 a.m.)

There have been many instances in life where I was in competition with someone with a greater talent for a task, and true to form I was bested.

I look at our president and think his attitude in office is that of one who feared taking over from one of the most decent, intelligent, thoughtful and patriotic people ever to occupy that office.

Why else would he try to destroy the good from the prior administration; establish a hand-chosen group of equal voting-right deniers to examine voting records; and make statements that have no basis of fact about our former president?

He knows that in comparison — and even though his term has just started — his reputation in that office will never attain the level of Barack Obama’s.

Grow up and live up to your capacity, notwithstanding its level.

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