Letters to the Editor:

Here’s what is unpatriotic

Wed, Dec 6, 2017 (2 a.m.)

Donald Trump has launched a tweet storm against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league’s players for their lack of patriotism when it comes to our flag.

It is not unpatriotic to fight against racial inequality and police brutality. Not standing for the national anthem is a relatively harmless way of showing support for the powerless.

What is unpatriotic is supporting and defending a man who views the U.S. as the enemy, Vladimir Putin. Throughout the campaign and his time in office, Trump has never criticized Putin. All other people and nations have been fair game. Trump recently said that Putin denies any intervention in the election, and that Trump believed him. I would rather have someone kneel for the national anthem than stand and salute our enemy.

The kneeling for the anthem is a right given to us by the Constitution. It is called free speech. Showing full support and admiration for a Russian dictator is called collusion.

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